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[Harvard China TREK 2024丨Ningbo Station] Cultural exchanges to experience diverse charms, technological innovation to discuss future development

  From January 19th to 20th, a delegation of young scholars from 16 countries and regions came to Ningbo for the "2024 Harvard China Trip", and a collision and integration of economy and culture began.

 The students strolled among the buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, walked through the deep corridors, and stopped at the elegant windows. They not only experienced the poetic and picturesque scenery of the Jiangnan water town; they also visited high-tech enterprises, R&D innovation, and intelligent production, and felt the "intelligent manufacturing" power of Ningbo enterprises...

Culture: Multicultural exchange

   Hamza Ahmed is from the UK and this is his first time in China. At the Zhengshi Seventeenth Scenic Area in Zhenhai District, he excitedly experienced the Pupu Boat Drum, a folk dance that combines drums, boat-shaped props and folk songs to reflect the living customs of fishermen in eastern Zhejiang. He said that he had some understanding of traditional Chinese culture through TV and movies before, but the experience on the spot was very different.





  Jose Tomas Hidalgo Julian from Chile also came to China for the first time. Horse head wall, wing rooms, stone carvings, archways... Under the introduction of the commentator, he had a deeper understanding of the historical connotation of Zheng's seventeenth house, "The architectural style here is unique and made me see China’s past culture and the art passed down are very meaningful.”


 "I think people-to-people exchanges are a good way to promote cultural exchanges." Hamza Ahmed told reporters, "Currently, China's international status is getting higher and higher, and its influence is growing. For China and other countries around the world, Cultural exchanges can promote mutual understanding between different cultures, and the 'Harvard China Tour' event provides everyone with opportunities for communication."

Harvard student Hamza Ahmed experiences the Pupu Boat Drum

Innovation: An exploration of advanced technologies

  "In Ningbo, they can personally feel the vitality of Chinese cities and the innovative capabilities of enterprises." Liu Weiwei said that when they walked into Beilun District Top Group, Harvard students were amazed by its advanced manufacturing technology.

 Satoshi Ito from Japan is a researcher at Harvard's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. In his view, it is crucial to achieve cooperation and sharing, including knowledge and technology, so as to further promote sustainable development in fields such as artificial intelligence and green energy. Continuous development.

 "Does Huawei's intelligent driving assistance system currently realize autonomous driving?" "The Wenjie M9, a subsidiary of Huawei Hongmeng Intelligent Technology, is the first model in the industry to obtain L3 autonomous driving test licenses in Chongqing and Shenzhen. It supports parking and driving functions. It can start and stop by itself." At the new energy vehicle development exchange meeting, representatives from Huawei, Tesla, Geely, and BYD discussed with Harvard students the current status and future of the development of the new energy vehicle industry.


Harvard students visit Tuopu Group

“Ningbo is the last stop of this Harvard trip to China. Here, we not only appreciate the unique humanistic style of the Jiangnan water town He also visited factories to experience the innovative power of Made in China. We sincerely hope that taking the Harvard China Trip as an opportunity, we can let the world see a more real, three-dimensional and diverse China. Liu Weiwei said.

   Hi China International Youth Development Alliance is a youth organization initiated by Harvard alumni. It focuses on global competency development and people-to-people diplomacy. It is also the only non-governmental youth organization in China that has obtained special consultative status with the United Nations. It has organized Harvard China trips, youth growth plans, etc. . Hi China has a series of youth growth projects, opportunities to participate in the United Nations, as well as internships and volunteer services in cooperation with international organizations.

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